I’ve been betting on sports for a few years now and I’ve always consciously rejected the idea of sharing my wagers with others. To me, the most amazing “perk” of being a sports bettor was that it’s one of the few occupations where people could be virtually 100% free, independent, and in control of their own successes and failures. So as long as I was profitable, why would I need or even want to “give away” any of my “proprietary secrets” to anyone else?

That view has changed slightly now that I’ve gotten older (relatively) and wiser (hopefully). I’ve realized that it’s actually really fulfilling to share valuable information with others, and that I can learn and gain a lot by doing so as well. The results of that realization? The creation of this website, these articles, and this podcast with my friend Kieran.

Then a few days ago, after I went on a little rant about how most sports betting touts on the Internet were probably fraudulent, I thought about the potential pros and cons of sharing my own picks that I saw value in for free. Pros included building a nice public track record for myself as a bettor, giving insight to others, and inflating my ego. Cons included potentially destroying all of my credibility.

I floated the idea out on Twitter via a poll, where it was fairly well received:

As the great American philosophers The O’Jays once said, “you got to give the people, give the people what they want“. So I decided to do it; free picks for everyone beginning August 1st, 2018!

But I do want to make this clear: I am not encouraging anyone to gamble and none of this is financial advice. My goal, if I can execute this correctly and successfully, is that the people who look at my picks can think to themselves “I know which side of this matchup I’m leaning towards. I also know which side Jerry is picking. How could I be right or wrong? How could he be right or wrong?” before making a rational well-thought-out decision to either bet on a side or stay away.

Because the picks I’m sharing are not meant to be blindly tailed, I’ve purposefully decided on two things:

1) there will be no unit sizes accompanying any of the picks

2) I will offer no explanations for or reasoning behind my picks (you may still ask me questions of course, though responses are not guaranteed)

Here’s how this will work, logistically:

  • My personal Twitter account, @jerryxfeng, is used for a variety of things beyond sports betting. For this project, I’ve created a new Twitter account: @jerryxpicks.
  • The sole purpose of @jerryxpicks will be to tweet out my picks when I make them. As mentioned above, the account will offer no explanations for or reasoning behind the picks it tweets out and it will respond to absolutely zero inquiries. Please contact my personal Twitter account @jerryxfeng if you have any questions and/or comments for me!
  • I’ve created a Google Sheet in which I’ll track the results of all concluded picks and display a summary of said results. The link to this sheet will also be in @jerryxpicks‘ profile.
  • There will be no unit sizes accompanying each pick. All picks will be tracked assuming the same flat risk amount of one (1) “unit” each per bet.


1) Follow my new Twitter account @jerryxpicks

2) Track my pick results on my spreadsheet

3) If you want to contact me, please do so via my personal Twitter account @jerryxfeng and/or SportsThoughts.co’s “Talk To Us” page.

Let’s do this!!!


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Bennyha · August 10, 2018 at 6:23 PM

You’re the man Jerry! Please put units on your picks and just let people tail you if they choose. You’re better than all the guys on Twitter who are charging (trust me I’ve used many of them). Thank you for sharing!

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